Watch Out For These Ways Your Tires Can Fail

Fewer tires fail from poor quality today because of the strict regulations put on the manufacturing of tires. But people continue to go to their auto repair shops with tire problems. This is often due to things that are in control of the driver. Be aware of the following ways your tires can fail on you and how you can prevent damage to your tires. Tire Under-inflation Your tires were each made to have an optimum air pressure, which is stamped on the side of the tire. Read More 

Winterize Your Car On The Cheap During Winter Sales

Winter—especially in Northeastern states—has always been a cold, and snowy time. Now, most states in the U.S. have been hit with very cold weather that has taken the weather down to freezing temperatures. Instead of just operating on the fly and hoping for the best, it is now imperative to prepare the car for winter. Here are some items that you should look for when on sale so that you can ready your automobile for the winter months. Read More