Winterize Your Car On The Cheap During Winter Sales

Winter—especially in Northeastern states—has always been a cold, and snowy time. Now, most states in the U.S. have been hit with very cold weather that has taken the weather down to freezing temperatures. Instead of just operating on the fly and hoping for the best, it is now imperative to prepare the car for winter. Here are some items that you should look for when on sale so that you can ready your automobile for the winter months.

Get tires during their sale times

Tires tend to be one of the highest ticket items when preparing for winter. Take advantage of tires sales to purchase snow tires or new tires for your vehicle. If you live in a snowy area, snow tires will be the saving grace of your car when you have to navigate on the roads. For those who live in climates without snow, the chance of freezing during the winter is high. Get better tires with new tread to lessen any wheel slippage on the road during times of low temperatures.

Stock up on blankets

Blankets inside of the trunk are no longer for picnicking. During the winter, you could get stuck inside of your vehicle and you will need warmth in order to survive.  Keep a heavy blanket inside of the truck or backseat along with a Mylar blanket. Mylar blankets are shiny, light in weight, and help the body conduct heat. A Mylar blanket along with a large blanket can keep more than one person warm while you wait on emergency help.

Keep a shovel handy

If you live in a place with snowy weather, there is a good chance that you may have to dig yourself in and out of a parking spot. For this reason, you should carry a lightweight shovel in the back of your car. Be sure that the shovel is wide enough to be able to be able to scoop large amounts of snow at a time. Make sure the shovel does not weigh a lot so that you can easily scoop snow without tiring yourself before even leaving the parking space.

Snacks and flashlights

During the winter, sunlight is at a premium. Carry flashlights in the event you find yourself out at night and need to find your way around your vehicle. Snacks such as fruit snacks, energy bars, and non-perishables that can sit well in a vehicle without needing heating or cooking are a good idea for winter car foods. In the event you are stuck for several hours in a snowy road situation, you won't have to worry about dealing with hunger pangs as an added annoyance.