Wheel and Tire Tips from the Wheel Man

Money-Saving Tips For Tire Replacement

Does it seem like you’re always buying new tires for your vehicle? Are you looking ways to save money when buying new tires? Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. While you can make do without replacing a few things, such as windshield wiper fluid, the same can’t be said about […]

Tips For Spare Tire Care

Although you likely know that your tires need proper care, including rotating and pressure checks, if can be easy to overlook your spare. Whether your car comes equipped with a full-size spare tire or simply a small “donut” tire, you want to make sure it is ready to perform when you get an unexpected flat. […]

Seasonal Tire Service: Prepare For Extreme Hot & Cold Temperatures

Your tires need extra attention during extreme seasons. The following will show you why you should you prepare for extreme temperatures by having your tires serviced regularly. Cold Temperatures and Your Tires Your tires need care during cold temperatures for several reasons, including tire pressure. Tires do not support the weight of your vehicle; it […]